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B2B Kush offers the premier Oklahoma medical marijuana grower directory (processors to be added soon).
Learn about which growers have which strains, their OMMA license numbers, prices, lab testing, yields, contact information, and more.  

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Take your Oklahoma medical dispensary to a higher level

Looking to grow your Oklahoma medical dispensary business?  You have come to the right place. 

As a dispensary owner in this new Oklahoma medical marijuana market, you’ve likely found that your ability to purchase marijuana for your business is limited by the number of growers you have direct access to. 

How can you shop unless you have a complete picture of which growers and processors have which products?

B2B Kush collects data from Oklahoma growers and medical marijuana processors, enabling you to have the ability to shop smarter, save money, maintain compliance, and keep up with a healthy supplier database.   

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Your subscription includes access to a Google spreadsheet (version 1 of this project) which includes data about growers including – their OMMA license numbers, pricing, date of their first harvest, the strains they are growing, yields, whether or not they are offering lab testing data, information about their harvests, minimum order quantity, product availability, delivery information, and more. 

It also includes access to our closed, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana B2B group, where you will have the opportunity to network and discuss issues pertaining to running a dispensary in Oklahoma. 

We will soon be adding processors to our list.  As our grower and processor network grows, you will have access to all of that information, as a part of your subscription.  We will continue to send at least quarterly postcards to grow the network.  As we grow, you grow.

B2B Kush allows you to buy smarter, obtain better product, remain compliant, and save money. 

Your subscription will more than pay for itself on your very first medical marijuana inventory purchase. 

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